Sound Design & sound fx

Creation of a customized original sound design and sound fx.
Lifetime license for use within the video/commercial.

voice over & dubbing

Over 100 male/female, youth/adult voices.
All the languages of the world!!!
Deep, brilliant, recited, institutional, emotional voices…

Voice Over, Dubbing and Voiceover for:
TV and Radio Spots, Documentaries, Videos, Motion graphics, Answering Machine, Animations, Announcements, Museums, Presentations, Advertising campaigns on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok), Voice-overs…

royalty free MUSIC

Composition of a customized original song.
Lifetime license for use within the video/commercial.

audio cleaning

Audio cleaning, restoration, improvement, editing.
Optimization of audio files, imperfections and background buzzes.

Mix & Master

Balancing, equalization and optimization of Audio, Music, Sound Design and Sound Effects.
Volume maximization.


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